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Curriculum Vitae SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS - Alessandro Verra is a mathematician active in the field of Algebraic Geometry, his scientific interests are directed towards several related subjects of this field, often of classical flavour. - Among these subjects one can mention: Curves and several moduli spaces related to curves, specially in low genus. Rationality problems for algebraic varieties and moduli spaces. K3 surfaces, often of special type like Nikulin surfaces or Enriques double coverings, and their moduli. Principally polarized abelian varieties, with special regards to Prym varieties and to the relations between ppav's and the theory of curves. - The results obtained by Alessandro Verra in Algebraic Geometry are contained in about 50 research papers, generally published in international mathematical journals of top reputation. - My best featured publications, in the recent years, are, to my opinion: [a] 'Geometry of genus 8 Nikulin surfaces and rationality of their moduli', (in 'K3 Surfaces and their moduli', Progress in Math. Birkhauser, volume 315, 2016). [b] 'The geometry of the moduli space of odd spin curves' (Annals of Math. 2014, with G. Farkas) , [c] 'Rational parametrizations of moduli spaces of curves', (in volume III of Handbook of Moduli, Int. Press Boston 2013), [d] 'Moduli of theta characteristics via Nikulin surfaces' Math. Annalen 2012, with G. Farkas), [e] 'The unirationality of moduli spaces of curves of genus 14 and lower' Compositio Math. 2005). SCIENTIFIC EDUCATION - Alessandro Verra is born in Cuneo, Italy, on September 12 1950. - Laurea in Matematica at University of Torino. - Long period stages at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. JOB - Assistant and then associate professor at University of Torino until 1987. Full professor of Geometry since 1987. Positions held as a full professor: - University of Naples (1987), - University of Genova (1988-1992), - University La Sapienza, Rome (1992-1993) - University Roma Tre 1994-2020 - Retired since November 1st 2020 - Senoor Professor at Roma Tre 2021-23 HONORS AND RECENT SCIENTIFIC SERVICES - Professore emerito, University Roma Tre - National member of the Academy of Sciences of Torino - Period of official research activity at Centro B. Segre of Accademia dei Lincei, 2014-17 - Conference 'Geometry of Algebraic Varieties' dedicated to his 65 years, at Humboldt University Berlin. - National coordinator of six funded PRIN projects on Algebraic Varieties: PRIN 2000, PRIN 2002, PRIN 2004, PRIN 2006, PRIN 2008, PRIN 2010-11 - Member of the Scientific Board of INdAM, Istituto Nazionale d'Alta Matematica, 2007-15 - Member of the Scientific Committee of UMI, Unione Matematica Italiana since 2007. - Chairman of the Department of Mathematics 1998-2008 - Member of the Academic Senate of University Roma Tre 1998-2012 - Board of the Doctoral School in Mathematics at Roma Tre 2005-14 - Board of the Doctoral School in Mathematics Milano Bicocca – Pavia – INdAM 2015-18 - Coordinator of the internationalisation project of Roma Tre University 'Advances in Theoretical Physics and Pure Mathematics', 2012-14 - Referee of scientific structures, research proposals, Ph.D.thesis. Recent service for: NSA-AMS, MIUR, CONECYT, INdAM, U. San Diego, U. Penn, Humboldt U. Berlin, U. Padova, U. Catania, Politecnico di Torino and so on. - Referee of various mathematical papers. Recent service for: Advances in Math., JEMS, IMRN, J. Alg. Geometry, Geometry and Topology, Algebraic Geometry, Michigan Math. J., Mathematische Zeitschrift, Manuscripta Mathematica, Documenta Math. and so on. RECENT INVITATIONS AS SPEAKER: - Periods and Ricci flat manifolds, Conference at Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, 2017 - Gauss Conference at TSIMF, Tsighua Sanya Mathematical Forum, Sanya China, 2017 - Classical Algebraic Geometry, Oberwolfach week, 2016 - Clay Mathematical Institute, Algebraic Geometry: Old and New, Oxford, 2016 - University of Philadelphia, Colloquium, Philadelphia 2017 - Geometry of Algebraic Varieties, (participant) Berlin 2015 - AGaFe Conference, Ferrara 2015 - Algebraic Geometry, Bayreuth 2015 - K3 surfaces and their moduli, Schirmonnikoog, Netherlands, 2014 - Classical Algebraic Geometry, Oberwolfach week 2014 - Brill-Noether methods, Haussdorf Institut, Bonn 2014 - Homage to Corrado Segre, Accademia delle Scienze, Torino, 2013 - Moduli spaces in Algebraic Geometry, MFI Oberwolfach, 2013 - Recent Trends on Moduli spaces of curves, Trieste 2013 - Geometry and Topology of Moduli, Berlin 2012 -15 years of Pragmatic Conference in Algebraic Geometry, Catania, 2012 - Classical Algebraic Geometry, MFI Oberwolfach week, 2012 - Groups and Algebraic Geometry, Erlangen, 2011 - Perspectives on Algebraic Geometry, Levico, 2010 - Moduli Spaces in Algebraic Geometry, Oberwolfach 2010 - Arithmetics and Algebraic Geometry related to Moduli Spaces, Tokyo, 2009 - Current Geometry, Vietri, 2009 - Moduli, Berlin, 2009 - School and workshop on the geometry of Algebraic Stacks, Trento, 2008 - Norddeutsche Seminar in Algebraische Geometrie, Berlin, 2008 - D-Modules, Algebraic Geometry and Foliations, Buenos Aires, 2008 - Conference on Moduli Spaces, Warwick University, 2008 - Curves, Abelian Varieties and their interactions, Athens, USA 2007 - AGaFe Conference, Ferrara 2005 - 57-th British Mathematical Colloquium, Liverpool, 2005 - Complex Algebraic Varieties Oberwolfach, 2005 - Algebraic Cycles and Motives, Leiden, 2004 - Japan-Korea Conference on Algebraic Geometry, Seoul 2004 RECENT INVITATIONS AS LECTURER - CIME School 'Rationality problems' Levico, 2015 - Inaugural lecture of the Doctoral School Milano Bicocca-Pavia, 2015 - Summer School on Algebraic Geometry, Yangyang, South Corea 2013 - EGBI School, Encontro de Geometria Brasil - Italia, Salvador, Brazil 2012 - Ph.D. course on Moduli of Curves, SISSA, Trieste 2012 - School in Algebraic Geometry, IST, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbona 2006 - Ph.D. course on Cremona transformations, Pavia 2005 - School and Workshop on Cremona transformations, Torino 2005. - International School on Projective Algebraic Geometry, Anacapri 2004 - Eur-Rom-Mat program, Rumanian Academy of Sciences, Bucharest 2004 - Pragmatic School, Catania 2003 EDITOR OR IN THE SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE OF CONFERENCES: Recently: - Annual Conference 'INdAM Day' for the years 2008- 2015 - Editor of INdAM-Springer Lecture Notes - International Conference 'In onore di Guido Castelnuovo', Venice 2015 - International Conference 'Classification of Algebraic Varieties and related topics', Cetraro 2013 - International Conference 'Homage to Corrado Segre', Torino 2013 - Volume ‘From Classical to Algebraic Geometry, Corrado Segre’s Mastership and Legacy’, to appear in Trends in History of Science, Birkhauser - Collected Fano papers on line, Biblioteca Digitale Italiana di Matematica, UMI 2012 - International Conference 'Geometry of Algebraic Varieties in honor of Alberto Conte', Torino 2012 - Volume of the proceedings of the previous conference, Rend. Univ. Polit. Torino 2013 - Workshop 'Classical Algebraic Geometry', University Tor Vergata, 2011 - XIX Congresso dell' Unione Matematica Italiana, Bologna 2011 - Session 'Geometria Algebrica' of the Joint Meeting UMI-SMF, Torino 2008 Pubblicazioni selezionate: 26 1. Verra A: Classical Moduli Spaces and Rationality in Rationality Problems in Algebraic Geometry LECTURE NOTES IN MATH. 2172 Springer (2016) 2. Verra A: Geometry of genus 8 Nikulin surfaces and rationality of their moduli. In the volume K3 Surfaces and Their Moduli, PROGRESS IN MATH. V. 315 Birkhauser, Basel (2016) 3. Farkas G, Verra A: The universal abelian variety over A_5. ANNALES SCIENTIFIQUES DE L'ECOLE NORMALE SUPERIEURE v. 49 (2016) 4. Farkas G, Verra A: Prym varieties and moduli of polarized Nikulin surfaces. ADVANCES IN MATHEMA290 (2017) 5. Pernigotti L, Verra A: On the rationality of the moduli of higher spin curves in low genus. INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICS RESEARCH NOTICES, vol. 18 (2016) 6. 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