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Enrica Rigo is an internationally renowned scholar in the field of citizenship studies. Her research themes include: citizenship, clinical legal education, migration, law and gender, critical legal studies and experimental learning. Current position (since December 2014): Associate Professor in Philosophy of Law in the Department of Law at the University of Roma Tre. Coordinator of the Legal Clinic programme on migration and citizenship Teaching: Philosophy of Law Law and Gender (course taught in English) Legal Philosophy in a Global Perspective (course taught in English within the Global Legal Studies Programme) Legal Clinic on the Fight against Gender Based Violence and Multiple discrimination Successful research grant applications: 2023-2025: Coordinator of the project Observatory on Gender Based Violence and Multiple discrimination (project funded by Fondazione Haiku Lugano – €30,000) 2018–2019: Coordinator of the project “Legal Clinic on Migration and Citizenship: universities as an instrument for access to justice” (project funded by Fondazione Charlemagne – €35,000). 2015–2017: Principal investigator of the project “National legal clinics network monitoring Justices of Peace jurisdiction on migrants” (project funded by Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI) – US$24,500). 2015–2017: Coordinator of the in-house Clinical programme on migration and citizenship “Access to Justice for asylum seekers and refugees” (project funded by Fondazione Charlemagne – €70,000). 2015–2016: Principal investigator (with Danilo De Santis) of the project “Effectiveness of the protection and the right to defense in proceedings regarding expulsion and detention of undocumented migrants” (project funded by the Open Society Justice Initiative – US$24,500). 2014–2015: Principal investigator of the “Observatory on the Justices of the Peace's decisions on expulsion and detention of migrants” (project funded by the Open Society for Europe – US$24,500). 2014–2015: Principal investigator of the Roma Tre research unit for the project “Terragiusta - an assessment of the impact of the directive 52/2009/CE on migrant agricultural labourers” (project funded by Fondazione per il Sud - €7,500). Coordinator of the Roma Tre research unit for the project “Minor rights: access to justice for children at risk of social exclusion” (Grant Agreement n. JUST/2010/FRAC/AG/1120 – 30-CE- 0377141/00-10). Media and public impact: The Legal Clinic on Migration and Citizenship of the University of Roma Tre, founded by Enrica Rigo in 2010, was one of the first clinical programmes in Italy. This clinic combines experimental learning, research and public engagement. The research conducted by the clinic has had impact at national and international level. Among other things, the clinic took part in the legislation reform on the exploitation of workers which was approved in Italy in 2015; the research on judicial decision on migrant detention (http://www.lexilium.it/) has been quoted by international bodies, has led to hearings in front of the Group of Experts on Trafficking of the European Council (Greta) and to a collaboration with the Tribunal of Rome in the preparation of Country of Origin Information in asylum cases (http://protezioneinternazionale.giur.uniroma3.it/il-progetto/). Thanks to its public engagement, the Clinic has received considerable coverage in the print media (see: http://clinicalegale.giur.uniroma3.it/rassegna-stampa/) and on Italian national television (http://clinicalegale.giur.uniroma3.it/783-2/). International affiliation and visiting August 2023: Visiting professor at the Mackenzie University of San Paolo, Brazil From September 2022: Visiting professor at the Université Côte d'Azur, adjunct professor for the Legal Clinic module of the Migration Studies Program Previous academic appointments: 2007–2014: Lecturer in Philosophy of Law at the University of Roma TRE 2011–2012: Adjunct professor of Theories of Human Rights at the faculty of Political Science, University of Roma Tre. 2006–2012: Lecturer on the interdepartmental Master Course on migration studies ‘Politiche dell’Incontro e Mediazione Culturale in Contesto Migratorio’, University Roma Tre. 2005–2007: Consultant researcher at Kingston University (UK) for the Euroreg project “Changing interests and identities in European border regions: EU policies, ethnic minorities and socio-political transformation in member states and accession countries”, STREP CIT2-CT-2003-506019, Framework Programme Priority 7: Citizens and Governance in Knowledge Based Society. I was responsible for the case study “Regions, minorities and European integration: A case study on the Italo-Slovene border”. 2003–2004: Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy. My research, entitled “The external borders of European citizenship in the context of EU enlargement”, examined the transformation of EU borders with special regard to migration and asylum policies (case studies Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, with further research conducted in Slovenia and Serbia. During May 2004 I was hosted as visiting fellow at the European Centre of Natolin (Poland). Higher education and qualifications: 2002 – 2003: post doctorate course (with scholarship) entitled ‘Polis e panico: topografie dello spazio sociale tra moltitudine e rischio’ [Polis and fear: topography of social space between multitude and risk] at CRIE (Research Centre on European Institutions- section of anthropology and social sciences), Istituto Universitario Suor Orsola Benincasa, Naples, Italy. 2001 – 2002: post-graduate course on the theme ‘Law and Social Theory of the Family and Minors’ at Istituto Universitario Suor Orsola Benincasa, Naples. Course organized with the ‘Consiglio dell’Ordine degli Avvocati’ of Santa Maria Capua Vetere which enabled me to act as barrister in the ‘Tribunale dei Minori’ (Juvenile Court). 1997 – 2001: Doctorate in ‘Philosophy of Law, Social and Political Theory’ at the Faculty of Law, Naples University ‘Federico II’. My thesis examined the inclusive/exclusive dynamic of citizenship with particular attention to the question of human rights and irregular or ‘clandestine’ migration. 1991 – 1996: Bachelor’s Degree in Law obtained from the University of Bologna. Final Mark: 110 e lode (equivalent of First Class with Honours) Editorial Board and Membership: Editorial board of Law and Critique Editorial board of Diritto Immigrazione e Cittadinanza Editorial board of Roma Tre Law Review Member of the European Network of Clinical Legal Education Member of l’Altrodiritto Centro Interuniversitario su Migrazioni Devianza Criminalità