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Prof. Federico Rossetti (PhD) Dipartimento di Scienze Università degli Studi “Roma Tre” Largo S. L. Murialdo 1 00146 Roma Fax +39-06-54888201 Tel. +39-06-54888043 e-mail: _______________________________________________________________________________ Curriculum Vitae of FEDERICO ROSSETTI Present Position Full Professor of Structural Geology, Department of Sciences, University of Roma Tre, Roma (Italy) Education -1995: Degree in Geological Sciences in the field of Structural Geology, La Sapienza University, Roma vote: 110/110 cum laude -1999: PhD in Earth Sciences, La Sapienza University, Roma. Employment -January 2005 - Lecturer in Structural Geology, University of Roma Tre, Roma -January 2012 – Professor (Associate) in Structural Geology, University of Roma Tre, Roma -February 2019 – Professor (Full) in Structural Geology, University of Roma Tre, Roma Expertise Structural geology, continental tectonics, geological field survey, metamorphic geology, metamorphic petrology, fluid-rock interaction, and experimental modelling. Research Interests -Topics (i) Orogenic construction and collapse: structure, subduction zone metamorphism, and tectonic/geodynamic synthesis (Alpine orogeny in the Mediterranean region: Betic Cordillera, Calabrian Arc, Apennine belt; Rif; Corsica; Gondwanide orogeny: Tanzania (East Africa orogen), Central Iran (Cadomian basement), Antarctica(Ross-Delamerian basement); (ii) Collisional tectonics and intraplate deformation (Alpine-Himalayan collision zone: Central Iran; (iii) Cenozoic tectonic evolution and neotectonics of East Antarctica); (iv) Regional Tectonics and magmatism (Tyrrhenian-Apennine-system; Iran; Antarctica); (v) Exhumed fault systems, ductile and brittle shear zones; (vi) Structurally controlled fluid flow, alteration/mineralisation, ore deposits (active and fossil geothermal areas of Tuscan-Latium regions of Italy and Central Mexico; Urumieh-Dokhtar magmatic zone in NW Iran); (vii) Tectonic-climate and landscape evolution of the Antarctic region (North Victoria Land, Ross Sea ). -Methodology A multidisciplinary approach, which integrates geological field survey, structural analysis (ductile and brittle deformation), metamorphic petrology, geochronology thermochronology, and experimental modelling. Scientific service -Chief Editor of the journal Italian Journal of Geoscience (, January 2021-present -Executive (chief) Editor of the journal Solid Earth (, 2018-present -Topical Editor of the journal Solid Earth (, 2010-2018 -Associate Editor of the journal Tectonics (, 2018-present -Editor of the Springer special volume entitled The Structural Geology Contribution to the Africa-Eurasia Geology, 2019 -Guest editor, Special issue on Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectonomagmatic evolution of Iran, International Geology Review, 2020 -Guest Editor, Special Issue entitled “Tools, data and models for 3-D seismotectonics: Italy as a key natural laboratory”, Solid Earth, 2021 -Reviewer for international research projects: National Science Foundation (USA); Swiss National Science Foundation; Austrian Science Foundation; Chilean National Science and Technology Commission; Irish Research Council; Belgian NRF; European Research Council (ERC). -Reviewer for the Italian National Agency for the evaluation of Universities and Research Institutions (2010-2014). -Reviewer for the main scientific journals in the field of Earth Sciences, such as: Nature Geosciences, Tectonics, Tectonophysics, Journal of the Geological Society London, Geophysical Research Letters, Gcubed; Journal of Geodynamics, Journal of Petrology, European Journal of Mineralogy, Geology, Gondwana Research, Journal of Metamorphic Geology, Journal of Structural Geology, Terra Nova, Lithos, Journal of Geophysical Research, International Journal of Earth Sciences, Antarctic Science, Asian Journal of Earth Sciences, Lithosphere, Earth Science Reviews. -Convener & co-convener in national and international meetings on themes dealing with Earth Sciences (ISAES 2003; CORSE ALP_2011(; SGI 2012; SGI-SIMP 2014; SGI2016; TRIGGER 2018). -Participation and field leader of five research campaigns in Antarctica (1995/1996; 1999/2000; 2000/2001; 2001/2002; 2005/2006). Research Projects (Supervision or co-supervision) -CNRG0018AE (Geological-structural and petrographic characteristics of the post-orogenic tectonic evolution of the Coastal Chain, Calabria), founded by CNR Agenzia 2000 - Young researchers -BACKTAM (BACKside of the TransAntartic Mountains), German-Italian geophysical and geological research project founded by PNRA (Italian Antarctica Research Program; 1999-2001 (PI of Research Unit). -WIBEM (Wilkes Basin Eastern MArgin), geophysical and geological research project founded by PNRA, 2002-2003 (PI of Research Unit). -WISE (Wilkes Basin/Transantarctic Mountains system Exploration), geophysical and geological research project founded by PNRA, 2004-2006 (PI of Research Unit) - Project #20082WMYKR_002 (Cryosphere-Lithosphere interactions in response to Climatic and Tectonic "forcings", CLICLIT), PRIN (Research Projects of Relevant Italian Interest) Call 2008, founded by Italian Research Agency, MIUR (PI of Research Unit) -CLITEITAM, PEA 2009/A2.19 (CLImate-TEctonics Interactions along the TransAntarctic Mountains front and comparison with arctic record in the Greenland-Svalbard region), founded by PNRA, 2009-2012 (PI of Research Unit) -Darius Programme, Project title: "Reconstructing the Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the back-arc basins formed in the upper-plate of Neotethyan subduction: Sabzevar and Sistan suture zones (Central Iran)", 2012 (Supervision) -TOPOMOD Marie Curie ITN, PI of the ESR3 project (The structure, mechanics and petrophysical properties of active fault zones in siliciclastic sediments), founded by European Community, 2011-2014. -PEA 2010/A2.02 (Terminal Evolution and Reactivation of Ross's Orogen in Northern Victoria Land, correlations with Delamerian orogens and Lachlan of southeastern Australia), founded by PNRA, 2012-2014 (PI of Research Unit); -PdR2013/AZ2.07 (Feedbacks between neotectonics, magmatism, climate and mantle dynamics in the Ross Sea region) founded by PNRA, 2014-2016 (Supervision); -PdR 2013/AZ2.08 (Climatic and tectonic forcing on the processes of sediment dispersal in the West Antarctic Rift System of South Victoria Land: a "source-to-sink" and "multi-proxy" study), founded by PNRA, 2014-2016 (PI of Research Unit); -PdR 16_00263 (Dating of the tectonic activity along the front of the Transantarctic Mountains), founded by PNRA, 2017-2021 (PI of Research Unit). -PRIN_2017 (Project 20177BX42Z_001, Intraplate deformation, magmatism and topographic evolution of a diffuse collisional belt: Insights into the geodynamics of the Arabia-Eurasia collisional zones). Awards Winner of the 2005 PNRA (Italian National Antarctic Program) “Felice Ippolito” Prize for the category "Earth Sciences" for the research activities dealing with the Cenozoic tectonic evolution of Antarctica ( Academic management -Vice-director, Department of Science, University of Roma Tre, 2019-2022(July) -Member of the PhD school in Earth Sciences, Roma Tre University, 2009-Present -Member of the Didactic Commission of the Degree Course in Geological Sciences, University of Roma Tre, 2013-2019. -Member of the Scientific Council of the Science Library, Roma Tre University, 2019-present Teaching and lecturing duties 1995/2023 - Lectures on Structural Geology, Metamorphic Geology (Master courses) and Field Geology (Bachelor courses) at the University of Roma Tre, Roma. Tutoring -Tutoring of more than 30 Bachelor and Master theses on themes dealing with Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology at the University of Roma Tre, Roma (2005-Present) -Supervision and co-supervision of PhD Theses in Structural Geology and Continental Tectonics, University of Roma Tre, Roma (2009-Present) -Supervision of a PhD thesis in Geophysics at the University of Bologna, Italy (2009-2011). -Co-supervision of a PhD Thesis in Structural Geology, La Sapienza University, Roma (2018-2020) -Advisor of PhD dissertations at Modares University, Teheran, Iran -Supervisor of a PhD Thesis in the framework of the TOMPOMOD Marie Curie ITN project (2012-2014) -Tutoring of various post-Doc fellowships at the Department of Science, University of Roma Tre, Roma Publications He is author of more than 140 scientific papers published on international journals and two geological maps. The publication list can be found at H index = 46, 7709 citations (Google Scholar, 27 December 2023) Roma, 2023-12-27 Federico Rossetti