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Registered architect since 1996, named Full Professor of Architecture Technology (2021) at Roma Tre University, where she has been Rector’s Delegate for "Environment Sustainability" (2017-2022) and for "Startup and companies for innovation" (2015-2017). She teaches Architectural Technology since 2000 and has been Visiting Professor for the entire 2015-16 fall semester at Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM) in Germany. Primarily concerned with housing, sustainability, energy efficiency and technological innovation, in both her professional career as well as in her research and teaching activities, she has a strong propensity for coordinating multidisciplinary groups, as highlighted in the experiences below. Tonelli conceived and coordinated the two multidisciplinary participations of the Roma TRE University in the Solar Decathlon, which is a worldwide competition between universities for the conception, design and construction of prototypes of sustainable housing with the purpose to promote the creation of self-sufficient energy saving prototype dwellings based on solar energy. In 2012 the “MED in Italy” prototype was the first Italian project admitted to the competition since its beginning in 2002 and ranked third overall. In 2014, the social housing prototype "RhOME for denCity", the only Italian team in the race, was awarded first prize. In 2019 she won the selection for Solar Decathlon Middle East 2020 (withdrawn for Covid pandemic), with the "Moon" prototype project, whose design, combining the best of Italian innovation, was aimed at challenging extreme temperatures and peak high humidity of Dubai UAE, venue of the competition. She was the Technical Coordinator of the Lazio Regional Energy Plan (2015-16), the tool with which regional competences in the field of energy planning are implemented, with regard to energy production through renewable sources, the rational use of energy, and energy saving policies , and through-out a wide action of communication aimed at the widest awareness on sustainable behavior for the Lazio citizens. She directed the "Positive energy constructions for urban regeneration of informal neighborhoods" a Project of Great Scientific and Technological Significance on the theme "Energy and Environment" for a bilateral Italo-Argentinian exchange, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the three-year period 2014- 2016. She coordinated "SOS - Sustainability of Schools" (2018-2021), a multidisciplinary research project, funded by Roma TRE University, aimed at the definition of models, technologies and use protocols for healthiness, well-being and energy saving in education places. Chiara Tonelli stands out for her strong communication skills. She in fact has spoken in over 200 conferences, both nationally and abroad, amongst these: "Digital Futures" at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK, in 2018; TEDx Milano in 2012 and Reggio Emilia in 2017. She hosted various television programs on architecture on Italian television (RAI TRE, Leonardo TV, Re-al Time TV). She has written hundred scientific publication and published two books: ‘Strategie per l’alta efficienza energetica in clima Mediterraneo’ (Strategies for high energy efficiency in Mediterranean Climate), EdicomEdizioni, 2016, and ‘Innovazione tecnologica in architettura e qualità dello spazio. Note per un accordo’ (Technological Innovation in Architecture and Quality. Notes for un agreement), Gangemi, 2003. Tonelli has been awarded several times to her person and to teams she coordinated. Chiara Tonelli has also filed the Utility Model Patent No. RM2014U000094 Y02E at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, for a Thermodynamic balustrade (2014).