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Ateneo Univ. di ROMA TRE 
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Marco Guarracino is Technical Coordinator of the Laboratory of multimedia history at Roma Tre University. He graduated with honors in Sociology in 1994, then, until 1998, he carried out research, training and consultancy at several ICT companies and some Italian banking groups. Since the academic year 2013/2014 is has been Contract Professor in "Computer Skills" at the School of Humanities Philosophy Languages of Roma Tre University. His fields of study are addressed mainly to the applications of multimedia in the fields of social and historical disciplines, with particular reference to the web, computer training (also regarding disability) and relations with the territory. He carried out many activities of postgraduate training and educational support in ICT at Roma Tre University. He has also collaborated (2001-2010) in the teaching of computer skills and ICT for the Masters in "History and Historiography media" (Director Prof. PG Celozzi Baldelli) and "Peace Education: Human Rights and European Union Policies "(Director Prof. A. Breccia).