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CURRICULUM VITAE Paola Demartini Full Professor of Accounting and Management at Roma Tre University Updated February 2020 SHORT BIOGRAPHY I was born in Genoa (Italy) the 31st of May 1962. I am a Full Professor in Accounting and Management at the University of Rome Tre, School of Economics and Business Studies. In 1981.Bachelor in science score 60/60. In 1986. I graduated with laude at the University of Genoa, School of Economics and the topic of my Thesis was on Financial Market Integration. In the same year, I was attending the Georgetown University (Washington D.C.) for specialisation. ACADEMIC and PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES 1985. Stage at Chase Manhattan Bank – in M&A division 1986- 1988 - Arthur Andersen as junior auditor 1989-1990- Metis Consulting (a consulting firm dealing with Italian leader companies) as junior consultant 1990- I started to work at the University of Urbino as an Assistant Professor in Accounting and I specialised in Small Business financial accounting and management. 2001-2009. Associate Professor in Accounting at Urbino University. I have been responsible for several research projects on the Small Business Sector and I was appointed Vice President Country Italy for the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB), an academic network of experts on SMEs and Entrepreneurship. Since 2009 at University Roma Tre. Full Professor in Management and Accounting on February, 2012. My ultimate research focuses on Intangibles, Intellectual Capital management control, Extra-financial Information and Corporate Governance. 2012-2014 Member of the Board of the Bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena (member of the Risk Committee, Related Parties Committee and member of the Organismo di Vigilanza). 2013-2018 Member of the Board of Associazione Bancaria Italiana (ABI) 2014-2020 – current Widiba Sp.A. President (since July 2017), former Vice-president (2014- April 2017) 2014-2020 Member of the Board of MPS Capital service bank, former Vice-president (2014-April 2017) and responsible of the Organismo di Vigilanza. 2017- 2020 Member of the Board of MPS Leasing & Factoring. February 2020-current Member of the Board of CARIGE. TEACHING ACTIVITIES University of Rome Tre: • Corporate Governance and Business Scenarios (in English language) • Cost Accounting (in English and Italian) • Risk and Accounting • Mergers & Acquisition • Financial Reporting International Telematic University UniNettuno (Rome): • Management Control for Tourism Business • Since 2015 Introduction to Business Administration (in English language) University of Urbino: • Business Economics • Financial Reporting • Advanced Financial Reporting • International Accounting Standards University of Genoa: • Business Economics and Introduction to Accounting FORMAL INVITATIONS FROM OTHER UNIVERSITIES 2014 (November). Invited as Visiting scholar and researcher at Macquarie University, Sydney (Australia). Macquarie University invited me to participate and hold the status and title of Visiting Academic, in the Accounting and Corporate Governance Department of the Faculty of Business and Economics. 2009 (April) . Invited as Visiting Academic at Boston University (USA) by Prof. Moshe Hagigi. I taught Financial Accounting together with Prof. Hagigi in his Phd and Master classes and we worked on Accounting standards for SMEs research project. 2009 (June). Invited as Visiting Professor at the University of Pula (Republic of Croatia). My lectures were on Accounting Standards for SMEs. I was involved together with Prof. Lorena Mosnja Skare in a research project financed by The Croatian Ministery. 1995-2005 Teaching experiences in European Universities/Schools/Research Centres (such as Ecole de Commerce d’Ecully-Lyon, Confederacion Regional de Empresarios de Aragon-Zaragoza) RESEARCH Expert Peer Reviewers for Italian and International Scientific organisations. Member of the Phd Scientific Board at Roma Tre University. Leader or member of Scientific projects granted by public Institutions (MIUR, Croatian Ministry, TEKES, EU). More than no 100 publications in national and international academic Journals and books.